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Every promotional program can be enhanced with a "finishing touch." This added feature, often overlooked by marketing professionals, adds an incredible impact for minimal cost. Consider some of the following packaging ideas when designing your next promotion:

  • Custom-designed bags and boxes Imprinted tissue paper

  • Ribbon with your logo

  • Sound cards

  • Bubble cards

  • Netting

  • Imprinted mailing boxes, tubes, cans, bottles

  • Vacuum-sealed cans

  • Bowls, mugs, containers

  • Specialty packaging for CD-ROMs and videos

The packaging of promotional products can evoke curiosity as well as increase direct mail response rates. A 1993 study by Baylor University found that the use of dimensional mailers can significantly improve response rates over direct mail alone.

For this study, 3,000 school administrators were divided into three groups, and received either: 1) an envelope with a sales letter, sales collateral and postage-paid business reply card, 2) an envelope with similar contents plus a promotional product, or 3) all of the contents listed above, delivered in a box with a diecut slot, instead of an envelope.


  • Those who received a promotional product in a dimensional package responded at a rate of 57% higher than those who received the same promotional product in an envelope.

  • Response rates for the dimensional package recipients were 75% higher than for the group who received only a sales letter.

  • Dimensional packaging made a significant impact on response rates.

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